Surviving Terror: Israeli Woman’s 50-Day Ordeal with Hamas

Surviving Terror: Israeli Woman's 50-Day Ordeal with Hamas

Noga Weiss, an 18-year-old Israeli woman, endured a frightening 50-day ordeal as she was held captive by Hamas following an attack on October 7. Recalling her harrowing experience, Noga revealed that one of her captors gave her a ring on day 14 of her captivity, professing his love and stating that she would have his children. Despite the sick proposal, Noga stayed with him until day 50, pretending to comply to ensure her safety.

During her captivity in the Gaza Strip, Noga faced alarming situations. Her captor informed her that everyone else would be released, but she was to stay with him. The captor even brought Noga’s mother to seek her approval for the proposed marriage, adding to the distress of the situation. Eventually, Noga’s mother vehemently rejected the proposal, standing against the captor’s wishes.

The captors continuously moved Noga between different residences, making her wear a hijab and hold hands with her captor to create the appearance of a married couple. Noga described the captors’ erratic behavior, alternating between playing games with the hostages and brandishing guns, creating a constant atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

Throughout her captivity, Noga was subjected to indoctrination by her captors, who asserted their belief that Israel belonged to them and labeled her as an occupier. The teen expressed the profound fear she experienced during the 50 days, constantly living with the dread of being harmed or killed.

The traumatic events unfolded when Hamas attacked Noga’s home in Kibbutz Be’eri while her father went to assist in the local emergency response team. Tragically, her father was killed during the attack, with Hamas allegedly holding his remains. Noga and her mother sought refuge in a safe room as the attackers stormed their home, firing numerous shots to gain entry.

Hiding in terror, Noga witnessed the violence unfold around her. She saw messages on WhatsApp indicating the severity of the situation, including reports of houses on fire and people going silent. Her family members, including her sisters, communicated with her, urging her to escape. Despite her attempts to hide, Noga was discovered by the terrorists and swiftly captured, enduring a terrifying ordeal before being taken away in a car.

After enduring such a traumatic experience, Noga and her mother were finally released on November 25 with a group of other hostages. Although physically free, the emotional scars remain, with Noga unable to mourn her father until all hostages are returned. Despite the challenges and loss of faith in the Israel Defense Forces following the attack, Noga expressed her determination to enlist, emphasizing the profound impact of seeing IDF soldiers upon her release. The journey of survival, resilience, and hope continues as Noga bravely moves forward from the shadows of captivity, keeping faith in a brighter future.


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