Queen Rania Stands Up for Student Protests Against Israel

Queen Rania Stands Up for Student Protests Against Israel

Queen Rania al Abdullah defended the wave of anti-Israel protests gripping US campuses during a recent interview on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation.’ She argued that the student protesters are motivated by a quest for peace and justice, rejecting labels of being pro-Hamas or antisemitic as inaccurate and patronizing.

Lawmakers in Capitol Hill have expressed concerns over the protests, citing instances of antisemitism and fear among Jewish students on campus. However, Queen Rania emphasized that many Jewish students partake in the demonstrations and that most protests aim for peaceful expression.

As the wife of Jordan’s King Abdullah II and of Palestinian descent, Queen Rania has been a vocal critic of the Israel-Hamas conflict since its inception. While acknowledging the surge of antisemitism, she called for Muslims globally to combat this hatred, stressing the need for them to lead the fight against antisemitism and Islamophobia which she views as interconnected.

Queen Rania noted the importance of distinguishing criticism of Israeli policies from antisemitism, emphasizing that Palestinians’ grievances stem from their interactions with Israel as a military power rather than religious or identity-based reasons.

Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel, signed in 1994, has faced challenges amid the recent conflict. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment to ongoing military actions in Rafah, a refugee-dense city in Gaza, has escalated tensions.

Rafah, home to 1.5 million Palestinians, has borne the brunt of Israel’s bombing campaign, leading to widespread destruction and displacement. Netanyahu views Rafah as a key Hamas stronghold, indicating that the conflict may persist until the group is neutralized.

Queen Rania cautioned against an Israeli invasion of Rafah, highlighting the potential strain it could place on Jordan-Israel relations. She called for international pressure, including from the US, to compel Israel to seek an end to the conflict and facilitate humanitarian aid to the affected population.

Amidst the complex dynamics of the Israel-Hamas war, Queen Rania’s advocacy for peaceful resolutions and her plea to safeguard civilian lives underscore the urgent need for diplomatic intervention and international cooperation to bring about a cessation of hostilities and alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


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